Here’s to a Cultured 2013!


I’m so happy to be your Culture Ambassador for this fantastic new magazine, Cultured!


I am also the creator of Cultured, and I write much of the content that is featured in these pages.   When I set out to create Culture, I basically wanted to create a magazine that is published on a weekly basis with a ton of CONTENT.    I am a voracious reader, and I absolutely drink up as many stories as I possibly can relating to a wide range of subjects – you name it, and I’m reading and writing about it.   I personally like to read unbiased news stories, op-ed stories, literature and book reviews, music reviews, celebrity interviews, science articles, travel and adventure stories, movie reviews, and how-to guides to learn new skills.  


I am going to set this magazine up with a few different subjects, which I will periodically add more and more content to.   These stories aren’t necessarily the work of Ivy-League educated journalists, a la Vanity Fair.    This magazine is more personal.  I invite you to submit content, as I will whenever the inspiration strikes me. I edit all of the stories that we publish here, and all that I ask if you submit nonfiction articles is that you provide the sources so that I can accurately fact-check your stories.  Above all, this magazine is an open forum for all of us, which is what I think is the most exciting aspect of the magazine. 


Since I am starting this magazine on a local platform, we have the ability to create something together.   In this fantastic digital era, I can create meet ups for all of us in coffee shops, bars and the like, to physically discuss this magazine and these articles IN PERSON.   Do you realize how cool that is?   And how accessible that makes everything?   We can learn so much more, and if we have questions about the article, we can hopefully meet the author in person.   I believe that this will facilitate the growth of the magazine, as well as create a real, tight-knit community.    Since we are launching this in New York City, we have the perfect experiment – if it succeeds, we can just repeat the process all over again in different cities and states to grow the brand. 


This magazine has a lot of my heart and soul put into it.  I hope that you enjoy it, and I hope that this becomes a forum where you want to spend time and where you feel comfortable being yourself.   In short, this magazine was created to be your friend, and if all goes well and succeeds, you will have made some real friends of substance that you will engage with on a weekly basis. 










News Stories 


We read a number of highly-respected periodicals to find all of the news that matters, and we create a concise News Section.    All of the articles in the news section were not reported firsthand, but we do pride ourselves on reporting them in an extremely objective manner. 


OP-ED – 


Here, we write our own opinion stories.  They can be about anything, although if they are strongly rooted in fact, we ask that you include all of your sources so that the stories can be fact-checked.


Entertainment News:


Entertainment news stories of the day.   All should be solid, proven truth – no lies or conspiracy theories here!  




These are researched journalism pieces – be it a profile of a famous scientologist, a story about why English Bulldogs are dying out, or a piece on the Mayan Calender – these are meticulously researched and reported pieces that deserve a great deal of respect and are one of the highlights of the magazine.


Book Reviews:

 Feel free to submit your own!   Maybe we can also have a book club!

Movie Reviews:

 All are welcome.   We can archive into newer movies and a DVD section.

Television Reviews:

All are welcome.  We would also love weekly recaps of your favorite shows.

 Music Reviews:

All are welcome.


Your favorite new products, advice, articles, anything you can think of!


Meal plans, articles related to health and fitness, fitness plans, reviews of gyms, you name it!


Your favorite recipes!  We would love photos of the finished product as well as step by step instructions if possible!


Pertinent stories that relate to your life, advice columns, trends. 


Exercises, articles, possibly a gym meet up.


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