The Best Entertainment of 2012

We are nearing the close of yet another year.       How did you feel about 2012?

Personally, I feel ambivalent towards the year.    Looking back, I had a God-awful 2010.  I had lost my job, gotten unemployment for two weeks, stupidly taken another horrible job where I loathed being there so much that I had to quit for my own sanity, I lost unemployment, was forced to get one of the crappiest jobs I have ever worked, earning $12 an hour and being verbally abused all day long.    In 2010, I developed acne, I broke up with my best friend, and I became depressed.

By 2011, things finally started looking up.  I finally made a group of good friends, I finally got another job that I loved and that paid a great salary and eliminated all of the work-related stress in my life, things with my boyfriend were going, and I began to even act carefree and start partying and going to clubs and just losing myself in fits of laughter.  I came full circle.  I loved 2011.

In 2012, I have to say that pendulum swung back towards the opposite end a bit.   I had some health concerns, and I was entirely too stressed at the job where I was so happy a year ago, albeit I had scored a considerable promotion and a great deal more responsibility.   Towards the end of the year, I was laid off because it was quite evident that I was pretty miserable there.   I still retained my circle of friends, and the relationship that I hold dearly and prize above all else, the relationship with my boyfriend, was horribly tested towards the beginning of the year.   However, I can tell that I am ending the year on a good note.   I have finally become comfortable with being unemployed, I had begun to receive unemployment checks, and I am no longer broke.   As a result of not having such an incredibly stressful 12 hour workday job, I am home more and able to enjoy more time with Rob.  We are in a great place in our relationship and I honestly think that this time was crucial in order for our relationship to succeed.   I am no longer so testy and angry, and we never fight now.   I have also begun to dedicate a majority of my time to writing, and the rest of it to voraciously taking in all other kinds of media so as to constantly get new ideas.

Although I went through a rough few months in 2012, one of the main things that sustained me throughout that time was all of the fantastic entertainment.     I am going to create posts to share my top picks in 2012’s Television, Movies, Books, and Music.    We may not realize it, but we are all junkies for some sort of entertainment, and entertainment makes our lives richer and more enjoyable.   I am going to be watching these artists for years to come, and I hope that you like my suggestions and discover some amazing new entertainment for yourselves!

I’d also absolutely love to hear your own picks – I love to broaden my horizons as well!      Stay tuned – my Best Of 2012 Television post is next!



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