Best Holiday Movies EVER!!!

I love the holidays.    I love the warmth of sharing time with your family, decorating a Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and giving and receiving gifts.     I also love holiday movies.  Here’s my list of the Best Holiday Movies EVER!

1.  Home Alone:

This is the defining Christmas movie of my generation.   I love everything about it.  I had a crush on Macauley Culkin when I was younger, and for good reason.  I love the Christmas music and the fantastic holiday spirit of this movie.   I still cry at the end every time.  I love it!

2.  Home Alone 2

How many sequels were just as great as the original?   Home Alone 2 is especially poignant to me since it is set in New York City, which is where I live.   Just as good as the first one.

3.  A Christmas Story:

I fell in love with this story when I was forced to watch it when I was a teenager.  HO, HO, HO!

4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:

I always wished that Clark Griswald was my dad.  A fantastic movie through and through.

5.  Miracle on 34th Street:

I grew up with this one, and I still cry at the end.  Such a heartwarming, touching movie.

6.  Gremlins:

I recently watched this movie for the first time and I fell in love with it.   An interesting note – Chris Columbus, who helmed the Home Alone movies, is responsible for it. 

7.  The Nightmare Before Christmas:   

I fell in love with this movie in college, when I hung out with guys who were singers in emo bands and we all smoked weed and drank Mike’s Hard Lemonade together, while watching this movie.  Bonus – we were able to do so around Christmas AND Halloween (Don’t even get me started on my list of the best Halloween movies – Halloween is my all time favorite holiday)!

8.  The Santa Clause:

I have to put this one in here, because I really did enjoy it when I was younger.  Now, not so much.  It’s still great to see little kids watching this movie.  

What are yours???


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